A Better Platform for Cross-Border Freight: Introducing SCOUT by Forager

A letter from our CEO, Matt Silver

Forager was founded on the idea that the complicated process of cross-border freight wasn’t an obstacle to overcome, but an opportunity for innovation. We knew technology was the key to that innovation, but the tech we needed, the kind that could completely streamline cross-border logistics, didn’t exist. If we wanted to use technology to truly modernize the way freight moved across North America, we would need to build it. So, we built it, and today I’m proud to announce that SCOUT by Forager is officially live.

SCOUT by Forager is an instant cross-border booking and pricing platform designed to give shippers the tools they need to make their jobs easier, without installing any software or downloading any apps. With SCOUT, it takes just over one minute to get a quote and book a load.

We’ve thought long and hard about how much time and effort it takes just to get a simple rate back on a lane, so we’ve made cross-border pricing instant. We’ve seen how difficult it is to track loads in Mexico, so we’ve made cross-border visibility the standard for every load. We’ve noticed all the room for innovation in our customer’s supply chain operations, so we’ve moved to fill in those gaps.

SCOUT is as much a labor of love from our team of talented engineers as it is a labor of logistics informed by years of industry experience. We understand the cross-border process, so our platform is built to be easy to use, transparent, and efficient in a space where ease, transparency, and efficiency are usually lacking. SCOUT frees our customers from the headache of juggling multiple carriers, customs brokerages, and languages, so they can focus less on the paperwork and more on running their businesses.

All of us at Forager are excited to take this huge step toward an even better cross-border experience, and we’re looking forward to the next one. If you’d like to join us on our journey, we’re always hiring.

Check out our tech page to see SCOUT for yourself and get access to instant cross-border pricing and booking.