Forager’s New Head of Product on Transforming an Industry

Earlier this year, Forager raised a $10M million Series A. In June, due to heavy interest, we expanded the round to $10.5M and welcomed several new investors to our existing financial cohort of start-up, tech, and logistics experts. That’s a lot to be excited about as a young company focused on reimagining the cross-border logistics experience. But what does that capital infusion mean moving forward, and what’s been happening on the team (and SCOUT by Forager) over the past few months?


More talent, more development, same vision

Since the spring, Forager has nearly doubled its team while building new features that add value to shippers’ cross-border experience. That’s big news on its own, but both are in pursuit of our larger vision: taking our product from the industry’s first cross-border shipping platform to the first automated digital marketplace for shippers and carriers. Todd Detmold, our new Head of Product, is leading that ambitious charge.

Detmold brings over five years of senior product experience across multiple SaaS and marketplace companies – including tech titan Groupon. And while this is Detmold’s first role within logistics, joining Forager was a no-brainer.

“Forager is rebuilding an industry that’s suffering from processes that don’t really serve its members.,” Detmold explains. “We’re transforming cross-border shipping with technology that matters. Everyone at our company is focused on delivering a product that keeps getting better, and that’s really appealing to someone who loves good product.”


“Nothing else like SCOUT exists.”

While domestic shippers are accustomed to ease and transparency within their supply chain, international shippers are plagued with murky, inefficient, largely analogue processes. National brokerages may have tech solutions, but they aren’t custom built for the complexities of cross-border shipping. Similarly, tech companies that dip a toe into the world of logistics don’t have the multilingual and multicultural operations expertise required to properly service cross-border freight.

As Detmold clarifies, “This kind of cross-border solution is something truly unique to Forager. There are other companies that enable a self-service domestic shipment, but none of them can help you move it across the US, Mexico, or Canada borders. Forager lives in this fascinating intersection between expertise and innovation. Nothing like SCOUT exists, because something like SCOUT couldn’t exist without Forager.”


Coming soon: the cross-border marketplace connecting shippers to carriers

But Forager isn’t stopping there. A successful Series A and strong product leadership mean we’re one step closer to completing the cross-border puzzle: the Forager marketplace. In the coming months, Detmold’s team will help architect a revolutionary carrier portal, paving the way for an automated cross-border marketplace that connects shippers to carriers to benefit both sides of the logistics equation.

“Shippers need carriers and carriers need shippers. Both groups are our customers in this case. Our next step is to create a carrier portal for the supply side of the equation. After that, we connect the two pieces. What that means is automated loads. A shipper can connect directly to the best carrier for their cross-border loads. It gives them full transparency and choice.”

That connection will have a massive impact on individual businesses and the industry at large. “For one thing, an automated marketplace and automated loads means everything can happen a little bit faster. If you’re accustomed to sending an email or a WhatsApp for any part of your process, you no longer need to. That translates into saved time and of course, saved money. No intermediaries, reduced inefficiencies. A streamlined cross-border supply chain.”


Making sure there’s an “end” to the cross-border workday

This isn’t “transformation” or “disruption” for the sake of change. It’s about solving the slew of cross-border inefficiencies that dominate shipper and carrier days.

“SCOUT by Forager allows shippers and businesses to price, schedule, and track their cross-border loads quickly and efficiently. From the moment a load’s scheduled through to the moment it’s delivered, that shipper has the tools and access to monitor and manage it.”

“We aren’t trying to keep people on SCOUT for as long as possible,” Detmold concludes. “It’s the opposite. The way we win is when we enable our users to get out of work on time for their kid’s soccer game. They need to get to the end of the workday, and our software can help them do that.”