Find Your Career Path With Forager

Every day has been a whirlwind since Jordan, Jessie, and I founded Forager in 2018. From defining our company’s vision to raising capital to recruiting the best and the brightest, I’ve worn just about every hat imaginable. Sometimes it’s been exhausting, and terrifying, and exhilarating but mostly it’s been very hard work. We’ve grown from three to 50 employees, raised $10M Series A, and started building the most transformative tech in cross-border logistics (which we’re having a lot of fun doing). 

 But often I find myself looking and wondering… 



How did we get here? 


Honestly, starting Forager wasn’t always the plan.  

In 2009 I graduated from film school and decided to move to LA to start my own film production company. Like a lot of fresh-faced 20-somethings, I had no real experiencebut what I did have was the overwhelming conviction that I wanted to build something of my own. One year later and I wasn’t the rich and successful auteur I was picturing. In fact, we hadn’t made any money at all. The dream, I thought, was dead. 

 So, took a job at the San Diego branch of Coyote Logistics, and I had no idea that what started as a fallback would turn into lifelong passion for freight. learned an incredible amount about the logistics industry over my ten years with the company. By 2015 I’d worked in almost every part of the business, and successfully launched Coyote’s Mexico division. I became obsessed with logistics, and with solving the most complex problems in supply chain. My entrepreneurial inkling was bolstered by my experience and suddenly I had a new dream: Forager. 



A career for everyone 


In case it isn’t clear from this anecdote, there isn’t one right or wrong decision you can make in your career. It all depends on what you want to do, where you want to go, and how you take advantage of your opportunities. That’s why at Forager we offer multiple career paths. All of them are great, and all of them are valuable.

 Are you skilled at your job and want to find a long-term professional home? Great, we want your expertise. Are you interested in taking your career to the next leadership level? Excellent, we’ll guide your climb. Do you dream of building your own business? Awesome, we have complex business problemslet’s hone those skills together. See which career path at Forager makes the most sense for you: 



The 3 career paths of Forager 


The Lifer 

You are looking for your professional home and want to be here for the next 5-10 years of your career. There are two types of lifers, and both are critical to our team’s success.

Individual Rockstar: you love exactly the job you’re doing, whether it’s in sales, engineering, or financeand you want to continue doing excellent work in your position. Forager offers the stability, annual raises, and sense of individual pride and team achievement you’re looking for. 

Rising Leader: you’re great at what you do and you want to use your knowledge to drive your team’s strategy and success. You enjoy teaching and mentoring, and you’d love to see your team members improve their skills, win raises, and receive promotions because of something you taught them. Forager offers room to grow and you’ll help us set high expectations for our industry and our culture. 


The Steppingstone 

You are looking for an agile and innovative company where you’ll learn and achieve a lot. You’d like to be here for 1-4 years while you fast track your skill development and perhaps explore a new industry. Maybe during this time you’ll discover that enterprise and logistics aren’t for you, and that you’d prefer a consumer company in education. Maybe your dream job will call you (because you’ve crushed it in your current role)! Either way, you’ll work hard to achieve your professional goals while supporting the Forager teamWe’ll champion your growth and support you whether you decide to stay forever or eventually transition to a new professional home. 


The Entrepreneur 

You’re part of a select few who will come to Forager, learn how to build a business, and realize it’s in your blood to do the exact same thing. Maybe you’ll start the next amazing freight tech company (and use our technology in the process). Maybe you’ll build some crazy consumer app no one ever thought would exist. My only request? Let us help you build that business down the road. Forager can give you the skills and experience you need to make your new business a reality, and when you do take the leap I’ll be the first in line. 



Join us 


So what’s the takeaway from all of this? It’s pretty simple; there will be twists and turns in your career. The trick is to find a company that helps you find the right path for you, even if it isn’t always with the company in question. That’s what I found at Coyote, and that’s what I hope everyone on our team finds at Forager. I guarantee that if you join our team, you’re going to learn a lot, meet some pretty great people, and feel a unique sense of achievement as we build this businessCheck out our openings heremessage our teammates on LinkedIn, and get to know us better.  

We’re excited to meet you, and even more excited to get you started on your journey.