A Letter to our CEO

“I love to give shout-outs when people go the extra mile. I want everyone at Forager to feel like their contributions matter, because they do.” – Matt Silver, CEO


Our CEO Matt Silver talks a lot on this blog in his Letters from the CEO series. Usually he talks about the Forager team, and how grateful he is to be surrounded by brilliant, talented, and innovative people. He goes on and on about how hardworking the Foragers are, and how grateful he is to be supported by such an amazing team. In his raise announcement, he attributed the success of the business to the ideas and input of everyone from ops to engineers.

His exact words are often “the best in the business.”

Now, it’s our turn to talk about him.


“There are a lot of very good reasons I helped found Forager, and Matt is one of them. He’s an expert on cross-border freight, but he’s also the kind of person you know will fight tooth and nail for his people and his dream. I really admire that about him.” – Jessie Essman, Co-Founder & COO


We’ve done it, we’ve raised a Series A.  It took a lot of coffee (so, so much coffee), and late nights and long weekends. We’ve spent countless hours hunched over laptops, pounding away at code, building our network, and finding our customers. Sometimes it was brutal, and exhausting. Sometimes we wanted to walk away.


“When you talk, Matt Silver listens. Doesn’t matter if you’re an executive or an intern. If you have an idea, he wants to hear it. It’s what convinced me to leave Alaska, and I really didn’t want to leave Alaska.” – Matt Weber, CTO


But when we were tired, and disheartened, and ready to quit, Matt Silver was the one to rally us all with a bottle of mezcal and his tireless belief that we could do whatever needed to be done. His optimism was fortifying, and only a little bit annoying at 7 am.


“I came to Forager late in the game, comparatively speaking. I’d been in ad-tech my entire career, and I never planned on leaving, until I met Matt Silver. I believed in his vision, but more importantly I believed in him. Having a great idea isn’t enough to succeed, you have to have great people behind it.” – Marc Kiven, President


This one’s for you, Matt. For all your weird graphic t-shirts, your many cans of cold brew, and your long-winded speeches. We’re finally returning the favor and embarrassing you with a bunch of mushy sentiment. It’s been a real wild ride with you behind the wheel, but we’ve all buckled our seatbelts, and we can’t wait to see how far and how fast we’ll go.


“I’ve known Matt for a really long time. You hear those horror stories about startup CEOs finding success and changing into tyrants. If anything, Forager has done the opposite for Matt. I think it’s made him an even stronger leader, and an even more genuine human being.” – Jordan Salins, Co-Founder & VP, Finance & Analytics


All this to say, thank you.

For being our fearless leader through raises, launches, moves, and more. For motivating us, and supporting us, and making us pity laugh at your blockchain jokes. For leading by example, for getting in early and staying late, and for never being too big or too important for anyone or any problem.

Matt Silver, you really are the best in the business.


– The Foragers